PCM problems?


New Member
Dec 28, 2006
I've got a new problem with my car. Sometimes (intermittently) under partial accelleration betweem 4000-5000 rpm the wrench light will illuminate and my car
will not accellerate any further. In fact its difficult to maintain the speed achieved.
Of particular note the wrench symbol will go off and the function and power of the car will return by simply turning the key to the off position and restarting the engine. The car is somewhat modified with a custom tune on dyno using an SCT/
Any ideas out there? I've taken it back to my tuner, but he can't seem to find anything wrong.
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I had a similar symptom in my car last week. Unfortunately I was on a long drive between Detroit and Cincinnati and had visions of hitchhiking the rest of the way - pulled into a rest stop, turned off and restarted and the problem cleared. It's at the dealer now for a new throttle body - according to the service guy, the throttle-by-wire actuator fails and causes the error code. My car's bone-stock by the way. fwiw...