PCV Valve ?

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Jun 10, 2003
santa barbara, CA
OleYellarGT said:
what is the mileage on the car? Tranny flush should be done around 45000....the PCV valve should be grey and located in the pass. side valve cover....might be hidden by your air induction....

negative on the 45,000 mile idea. ford auto trannies should be serviced at least every 30,000 preferably 15,000 miles. also dont take it to a dealer for a flush. they will not drop the pan and change the filter. thats one of the most important steps in a transmission service. you wouldnt change your oil and not change the filter right? why do it in your transmission? also make sure that Mercon V is used.
this is a good time to also install an aftermarket transmission cooler and do the J-mod. detailed info on this can be found at www.tccoa.com. you might want to install an inline filter too. your transmission costs as much as an engine and gets serviced at 1/5th to 1/10th the ratio as your engine. why not add some more protection to it.