Phoenix Folks....


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Dec 4, 2013
Hey saw a couple of you guys are also local to PHX.

What series' are you guys racing in that has track days at Wild Horse? I live about 5 miles away from there in Chandler and am looking to get project redbox ready for racing life. Just moved from Houston - saw AZsolo but that's typical SCCA cone racing. May also get involved with the rallycross guys down in Tucson - dirt should be fun in the fox after it goes on a serious diet.

Also - either of you got access to a welder or know of a good inexpensive shop? Need to do frame rails and roll bar at some point in time.
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I live in Tempe, 1 minute closer to the track than you LOL

NASA and ProAutoSports are the two main groups that run track days at WHPMP. The local Porsche club does too, occasionally

If you're brand new to track driving I'd recommend starting with NASA due to their more structured approach to education and advancement. And you can have some fun in Time Attack and Time Trials if you're interested in actual timed competition. If you're talking about actual wheel-to-wheel road racing with your mustang, ProAuto has a series they slot right into but you have to look at the rules, they run small factory-size brakes but fully gutted interiors. Not unlike SCCA's A Sedan or NASA's American Iron in its early days.

I don't have a welder but there are some good shops for racing fab work like Precision Chassis Works and maybe UMS Tuning.
Thanks MFE92...I guess it depends where in Tempe you are if you're closer or not (I'm right at McClintlock & Chandler Blvd :))

As for track time - I was in SCCA from ~1997 through 2010. Started in solo, did some time in club, had a spec miata car for 3 seasons, then got married, kid, divorced, and now looking to get back into the fray. Lived in New England area, so we even did some ice racing in the winter which was a blast and a half. I was in the BMW, Miata and SCCA in Houston for the last year, but that was always cone racing. Bought the mustang specifically for racing so I'm not against using & abusing it. I need to really look into the NASA rulebook on roll bars (looking at the autopower drag cage as it's 6 points versus 4 but want it to be NASA legal, not really worried about NHRA.) My DD is actually a Miata but I'm tired of wear and tear on that car with the racing (even though it's a great platform...) and I'm contemplating some of the rallycross events in Tucson, and well, Miata's and dirt don't go so well together.

The regionals and the roll bar are really the most important thing's (although good point on brakes) - I don't want to invest in a 'bar and not have it work in multiple classes.

I'll take a look at the above. Keep your eyes out for an ugly red '90 convertible, that's me.