PI intake done. . .now I have a fuel leak:(


New Member
Nov 2, 2003
Ft. Hood, TX
I finished the PI int. swap today and after letting it setup and resetting the comp and such I took her out for a ride. It definately has more punch up top and now the motor revs strongly all the way to 6k, unlike the stocker which seemed to die off at like 54-5500ish. Definately can't wait to do cams next week.

On another note I noticed that fuel was starting to seep out of my schrader valve. Could this be causing my FP to drop at high RPM??? I also have a cracked fuel inj. pintle cap and some other wear and tear stuff to replace when I do the cam swap.

Overall I am very satisfied with the install. I had the intake professionally painted in natural aluminum and it looks sweet along wit the Al. valve covers. Pics to come:D
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