Picked up a 92 SSP Coupe


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Dec 31, 2002
Palmdale, CA
I recently picked up a 92 Ex Nevada State trooper coupe. It is pretty roached out but has a really nice drivetrain and passes smog. It has an FMS crate longblock with X heads, E cam, rockers, Cobra intake, 24lb injectors, pro-m, and a complete long tube exhaust with cats and 2.5" tailpipes. It's got some other junk too. I got it really cheap. I'm going to play with it for a few months and then sell it. That's what I usually do. Anyway, I love Weld draglites, and drag stars too, but I don't want this new car to be so cookie cutter. A set of big and small draglites are usually one of my first mods. I recently discovered that they make 18x8.5 (5.5" back spacing) draglites (4 lug) and I bought a set. Any thoughts on how they will look? I have the tires already. They are 265/35/18....I hope they fit. The wheels retail for $418 each but I got them for the same price as a regular set. Has anybody seen these on a car? I hope that I didn't waste my money.
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I don't have the rims yet. I'll post pics when I get them. They are 8.5 wide and the 265's actually will be pretty wide. I'm hoping that they fill the wheel wells out completely. I guess that we will have to wait and see. I'm daring to be different. They could look like crap. Who knows?
The heads, intake, and cam are smog legal plus it has hi-flow cats. The only thing that's not really smog legal are the long tubes. The smog guys, at 2 different places, didn't bother to notice. The car passed the sniffer just fine. That's the main reason that I bought it. It also made 271RWHP on a Mustang dyno with 89 octane and 12 degrees of timing. Not too shabby. Anyway, I live in California and I got it registered without having to "pay" for a smog certificate. That's all I'm gonna say about it.