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Nov 30, 1999
Can everyone show me their pictures of outside mounted Fuel Pressure Gauges...I'm looking to get a mechanical one, and would like to see some examples of where a good place to locate it would be...also if you have any gauges mounted inside a gauge cage inside, could you post those pis as well!!..thanx
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Mounted mine inside the cowl hood...

I wonder who came up with it first? Here's a pic of the mounting details. I recently put a carbon fiber cup on it and it looks better still. Phantom 2 1/16" gauge



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    fuel gauge detail.jpg
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91LX302 said:
I do, but no pics, sorry. Mine's recessed into the cowl, I have a stock hood. I got the idea from Mustang5L5. I'm sure if he see's this he'll post pics.

Ha...sorry i'm late.

I got the idea from Grn92LX...or maybe we brainstormed it up together. I forget who actually installed it first though. It was 2 years ago.

The gauge is now a white faced Phantom Gauge








Well, sorta. In the bottom series of pics you can see the L-bracket i used. It's just something i had lying around. I'm sure you can find something similar at the home depot. There was an exisiting hole in the firewall for the clip that secures the big engine wiring harness. I just drilled two holes into the l-bracket. One was to bolt it to the firewall and one was to bolt the gauge to the l-bracket. Before i did any drilling i made a few measurements to get the gauge to sit where i wanted.

The hardest part was trimming an brand new cowl grill. I used a hacksaw blade wrapped in tape as my tool :) It worked perfectly. The pictures don't do the job justice.

Looks even better now that it has a white face gauge with the black trim instead of silver.
Black331Stang said:
so if i do that liek yours or somehting like...all my other gauges are ultra lites ...silver trim(bezel)...but when mounting it out there should i just pick up a phantom FP gauge? is that hat u recommend for looks? thanks

Well the reason I went to a phantom gauge is because these are my other gauges


I wanted all my gauges to be of the white face theme. I only put the black faced sport comp gauge in because i bought the entire setup for $20.

BUT, the white faced gauge is a lot easier to read than the black face was. You'll need to decide on the asthetics. The silver ring didn't stick out much before but when i put the phantom style on, it really hides it better because only I can see the white part and the rest blends in perfectly