Pics of Mustangs Plus Granada brake lines installed?


New Member
Oct 22, 2003
Hey all,

I am having a heck of a time figuring out how these are supposed to work, and I know someone out there has used them. The two lines say "right" and "left", not drivers/passengers which would seem way more logical to me. Also the instructions say:

"Loop the brake line around the sway bar end link and attach it to the frame right under the upper control arm. Then, using a 8” to 12” section of hard line, use an adapter line to go from the factory hard line to the brake hose."

I can't picture this or get things to line up right for some reason. Anybody have a pic handy of this setup?

Tried searching the old threads too.


UPDATE: I think I figured it out. After looking at this page: , my lines ('68 289 ps) are one piece from the prop valve all the way to the front end, and then they have a loop in them, which is different than the 2 piece ones. Looks like these ain't gonna do it.
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