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Nov 18, 2002
I know this might seem like alot to ask of you guys. I am looking for pictures that show the rotors on our stangs. I am looking at getting the brembo's but I am worried about the Bullitt rims i have that have the anthricite(hope i spelled this right) with the chrome lip matching up with these rotors. My gt is black and I was looking at the black EBC rotors and thinking that those with red calipers might look cool.

Any suggestions comments would be awesome. Maybe the black rotors with black calipers might look nice on my rims.

Anyway, I just want some help in finding pictures of what seems to look good. I know its all about performace but sometimes looks plays into the equation as well. Mustangs are some of the crem de la crem of nice looking cars so I just want some help and opinions.

I thank you all ahead of time.
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Kilgore Trout said:
brake upgrades = big f'n waste of money...

Hell will freeze over before I dump a grand+ into my f'n brakes...

I agree and disagree.

Agree: If you're not going to bump up the power, then there's no need to bump up the braking power

Disagree: If you're gonna bump up the power eventually then yeah go for it.

But if you only want to make your car look cool, then go for it if you have money to burn...but wouldn't be a whole lot cheaper to have the calipers professionally painted instead of upgrading the whole thing?