Hey guys here are some new pictures of my ride. The FR500's are the only new edition but make it a different car. I got 18*9 in the front and 18*10 deep dish in the rear.

There is also a video of my exhaust at the bottom as well














I'm pissed that the inner part has faded. Anybody know why? The outer circle was the entire color and even after getting the GT part painted it still matched then just started fading.

YouTube - Mustang GT MAC Longtubes O/R Prochamber and Borla catback
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YES! I love it. Silver is my fav color on a new edge GT and your car is so clean!

All it needs now is to be lowered and its complete visually!
Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah i can't wait to get her lowered. Silver is the best color. From a distance you can't tell when its dirty. and yes MAC + Borla is amazing. I love my exhaust and makes me smile everytime i start the car or get on it. thanks again guys.
That bugged me at first, they are a little over the top but I really like em. Very aggressive.:nice:

Same here but I thought I was the only one that would have a problem with them and decided not to say anything. Im not a fan of tip that aren't flush with the cutouts in the bumper. They just look odd to me.
The borla tips are kind of odd in that they arent long under the car, but IMO you cant beat a 4" rolled tip from the rear view :D
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that was back before I got the 10" wide rears and it had 255s in the rear.

Yeah, i love the tips. people have told me to get them moved in but i like them. i used to have 245s in the rear and now i have 285 with my 10" rim.