Pinion Depth

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Find somewhere that has a press to take that bearing off. They shouldn't charge anything. While at it, have them put it on the new pinion too.

Get some of the white stuff that checks gear patterns. The name of it has slipped my mind temporarily :rolleyes:. The 8.8 gear install article in the FAQ section of this forum displays what the gear pattern should look like very well. If I remember correctly, it also describes how to fix the gear pattern if something is messed up or it is not set correctly.

You can get a pinion depth gauge tool from ebay somewhat cheap. That is the only way to check pinion depth (numerically).

Joe, I think it's simply called White gear marking grease. NAPA should have it. They have everything.

Plan on getting a new bearing. You could cut the old one off, measure the old bearing's thickness, measure the new bearings thickness, and add/remove shim thickness as needed (i.e. if new bearing is .002" thicker, then you need to remove .002" from the intended shim thickness you were going to use.)

Do the same for the bearing race. You have a dial caliper, right?

I planned on doing this because of what I have heard about removing the pinion bearing. Plus you might as well replace it while it's off.

Autozone wants $7.99 for the bearing and $3.19 for the beaing race. Might as well.
Joes95GT said:
Cut the bearing? :eek:

That could get ugly quick...


LOL. I know what you mean.

But if he isn't going to use anything on the pinion, what does it matter? Know what I mean? As long he has a good cutter, that is all.

But yeah, if you are still having troubles, take it to a shop. Much much easier. But not free.