Piston To Valve head clearance question


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Jan 25, 2003
Beverly, Massachusetts
How is it that 2.02 valves on the edelbrock performer heads need to have fly cut pistons while the 2.02 valves on the trickflow twisted wedge heads claim they are the only head with 2.02 valves on the market that will work with stock pistons unmodified? Is it the angle of the valve or what? I am very curious.
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Jul 15, 1999
From TFS website:

Twisted Wedge heads feature an exclusive combustion chamber design. The patented 61cc chambers
feature rotated intake and exhaust valves moved over the center of the cylinder bores. As a result of
optimizing the valve locations, valve angles, and combustion chamber shape, the Twisted Wedge heads
use stock height exhaust ports without power loss.

The heads are machined for 2.02 in. intake/1.60 in. exhaust valves to build top end power without sacrificing
bottom end torque. They don’t require flycut pistons for use with cams up to the specifications listed—no other 2.02 in.-valved
head for small block Ford offers these features