Play in steering wheel


New Member
Apr 18, 2021
I have an 01 GT and my steering got messed up due to a tire blowing out and hitting a curb. I replaced the ball joints, steering rack, inner and outer tie rods, and bushings for the steering rack as well as getting it aligned after the installations. It's gotten a lot better than it was before but when going up to around 40 MPH the steering wheel has a little bit of play. When I drive over imperfections in the road and since there's play it is harder to control the car and hold it straight. Any ideas of what else it could be?
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o willingham

May 14, 2020
I have quite a bit of play in my steering wheel too, on my 97 Cobra. I replace the steering rack/bushings, inner and outer tie rods, and installed BC racing coilovers. I haven't had it aligned yet, because I need to replace the rack again, it's leaking PS fluid. Even before I replaced the KYB shocks (trash), with the coilovers, the car had been aligned after all the suspension work done, and the steering still had quite a bit of play. When I remove the rack for replacement, I will remove the steering shaft and inspect the rag joint. I hear the rag joint may also be a source for steering wheel play. Especially on a car this old. If the joint is in bad condition, I will probably replace the steering shaft with a Maximum Motorsports steering shaft, which has no rag joint. It connects directly to the rack. They're supposed to be more responsive.