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Jan 2, 2007
i am kinda new to the mustang world and i want to do some performance to my 95 gt. i had been searching everywhere to get the answers that i need but i cant find them all. so i am asking you guys all the ?'s that i have.
i am kinda on a budget. what i want out of this car is daily driver but also one that i can take to the track and not be imbarassed. so my ?'s are........
1. which heads are better for what i want out of the car- gt40, gt40p out of an explorer?
2. get upper and lower intake manifold from the same explorer?
3. should i miil the intake manifold (to 60cc?) and also port and polish?
4. port and polish the head?
5. what about the push rods. get stronger ones?
6.????????? if i am missing anything that you guys think
tfs and afr are better without a doubt but remember i am on a budget and i want this done before the race track opens. if you guys have any other opinions on what i should do, please let me know. thank you for your time.
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theese are all IMO

1. GT-40
2. if you can find it get it..
3.can't hurt to port and polish (not sure on milling)
4. if it's in the budget go for it
5. stock ones work fine...but if you can get some good aftermarket ones go for it
6.spray will help...gears will help...

are you auto or manual
what do you have done to the car now? anything? i would start by getting some exhuast and gears under there. check out the classified adds on they have some really good deals on there, you might be able to score a good set of heads for cheap. but to answer your questions, i would agree with Roland on it all.
my car is a 5sp. i dont really have anything done to the car but when i bought the car the older guy that i bought it from said that his son put a racing chip in it and it has flowmasters.(mufflers only). that is all that the car has on it. pretty mush stock. so what years should i be looking for to get the heads off of??? someone told me that up to 96 werer the gt40 and in 97 they started with the p's. is that true??? so the the gt40 wouls be the best for what i want correct. thank you for your time and info!!!:nice:
before tearing heads on and off and such, id really look into gears and a better shifter first off. followed by a good catback and midpipe. also, a cheap ebay or DIY cold air intake with a good filter would help. if it were me, id take on these simple and pretty cheap things before doing heads and intake manifold. jmo

you would prefer the gt40 heads over the gt40p's as the p's require different headers or wires or other such issues. if you can pick up the gt40 heads on the cheap, thats def gonna help, a mild cleanup of the ports by someone who knows what theyre doing and possibly milling a touch off to insure that the heads are true and to bump the compression maybe half a point would work. also if you can find an explorer intake, its a good buy, its essentially a cast version of teh gt40 intake and cobra intake, a little port match and smothing of what u can is a good thing.
i am getting gears installed soon(month or so) i want to have heads, intake manifold, gears, pulleys, headers, and exhaust by mid june(race day). the only thing that i am missing and need info and which ones to get are the heads and manifold. i need to know what years to get the heads/ intake manifold from.