Please Post Your Cars Deep Dish Chrome Bullet Photos


Jun 24, 2007
I'm just ready to buy a new set of Chrome Deep Dish Bullets for my white 2000GT mustang.
I've lowered my car about 1 1/4 inch front and back and want to get the right bullets.. I'm torn between the 17 and 18 inch. I've read many different threads regarding this but still unable to decide. You see many photos, but the photos but they never say how much the car is lowered so you really can't tell how it will look. I was hoping those with chrome bullets can post pictures of their car and describe how much it is lowered and the size of the wheel you have 17 or 18. One advantage to the 17s is the tires are about 100.00 a piece cheaper which can add up. Plus you can get the 17x10.5 inch with wider tires.. I am thinking of this route and replacing my HR Race Springs with the HR Super Sports.. Some say those produce a rough ride, but others say they are smooth.. That is another thing I am wondering about. When I first installed my springs, the AM Muscle rep sworn up and down I wouldn't be happy the the HR super sports, that is why I didn't install them in the first place. I've also read where peope have even installed the Super Sports with no Isolators.. Is that advisable to do? Will it hurt anything? Will it produce a rougher ride?
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