Plugs, Supercharger,.. and #1 Cylinder Misfire?


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Mar 13, 2003
I got the vortech kit on with the 3.6 pully and it runs like it was ment to be on there. I ran into a few things I got questions about though. I dont have a boost guage, but the car doesnt feel like its boosting alot, maybe a 50hp gain. What pully can I go to on the stock internals and be ok. I dont have any detonation problems, but I am still on 19lb injectors. Also, I put autolite 764s in and I noticed a rougher idle, which is normal for a colder plug, but randomly the car sets off a CEL for #1 cly misfire. It doesnt feel like any missing and I know its not, why do you fellas think it is going off? Let me know fellas.
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Now, I'm not sure why you are misfiring on cylinder #1, but I would say that you are going to have to upgrade injectors and a pump so that you can get adequate fuel supply for the increased amount of air you're forcing into the motor. You also want to get a tune, so you're car will run properly with the new blower. Contact Tim at T&J, he can fix you up. His number can be found on his website:
You are getting a #1 Cylinder miss-fire code because you are sucking more air in that cylinder. Sounds funny but I think you may have a leak somewhere in your intake. A crack or bad intake gasket or something along those lines. If it had anything to do with fuel, you would be getting a random miss-fire EEC Code out of all cylinders, and not just one. It's usually because the a/f ratio in the error cylinder is off. The reason I know this is because my wife's van (a 1998 Ford Windstar) was receiving this code, and come to find out I needed to replace the intake rings and gasket. (comes as a kit) After I replaced these, no more check engine. This is just something for you to think about as a possibility if all else fails you !!
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I did upgrade my fuel pump to a 190lph and I have the trex inline, but I still am running the injectors. Its very random and wasnt doing it before the charger so I am kinda wondering. I willl fix it for sure.
did you find out what was your problem? I have the same problem on my stang. I have paxton 2000, upgraded fuel pump, rechecked plugs, wires,can find out whats the problem. mines on the #4 cylinder.