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which mufflers for totally stock 2000 auto convertable gt

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Dec 11, 2003
got a stock 2000 gt i am trading my stock mufflers for a set of 40 series flowmasters with dumps. i was given a set of dynomax super turbo mufflers also. i have no idea what i want. i listened to the clips at mustang exhaust and they don't really help me. if i use the flows, i will keep my tailpipes. but there is one more option. i talked to a local mustang shop and they have a set of mirror finished magnaflow oval mufflers that you can see straight through. i can trade the flowmasters plus 20 or so bucks for the magnaflows. i know the magnaflows may be too loud for what i want as i have a convertable and i hear everything and i also haul a baby around. what should i do, that is the poll.
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Flowmaster super 40's on mine. Perhaps because they are the "super" 40's, but I experienced very little drone when I just had the catback on. Infact I was quite dissapointed in how quiet it was.

Only thing I just cannot stand about magnaflow mufflers is they are too damn smooth. Magnapacks arent so smooth, but those sound like a bunch of cracking trees to me.
The magnaflows wont be any louder than the flowmasters, but they will make more power and sound better.

EDIT: the dynomax mufflers sound terrible IMHO

That's totally untrue. Flowmaster mufflers are as good or better than just about any aftermarket muffler out there and sound very good doing it. Flowmaster sqaushed all those stupid rumors along time ago. They flow tested several of their best sellers against all the rest, and theirs mufflers flowed right up there with the best of them. I've also done some flowtesting on several of my flowbenches in the past and the Flommasters were right up there if not better than most of the other popular mufflers that we flow tested.

I tried Magnaflow, Spintech, and, Flowmaster and Dynomax on my car when I first bought it and the Flows performed the best and sounded the best. I have the 40 Race Series mufflers on my car now. I've posted a few videos in the talk section.