Poly steering rack bushings


New Member
Sep 26, 2003
I am looking at adding offset poly steering rack bushings to sharpen steering response and reduce bumpsteer. I was wondering if the poly will significantly increase the NVH (will my hands go numb from the vibrating steering wheel)?
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I would use something like the Steeda X2 balljoints if you're worried about NVH.

The steering rack bushings will transfer a little more vibration and noise to the passenger compartment, and not only that they are in general a band-aid that don't fix the problem properly.
I used the HyperFlex bushing on my 97 Stang. WOW!!! They are great, and there is NO transmission of vibration up to the steering wheel.

I also put replaced all the other bushing on the car at the same time, the only ones I can complain about are the rear controll arms. They DO transfer alot of vibration, if I did it again though the improvement over the stock rubber was worth the little bit of discomfort.