Possible Rod Bearing... Help


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Mar 21, 2008
Watch the videos below for the sound...

Scenario - I'm getting a ticking / knocking noise from cylinder 8. I originally lost a lot of power, which I thought was due to the tick. I ran the codes and had a misfire in cylinder 4 and 7.

So I replaced all of the plugs and coils. Runs great now. However the tick is still there. Even when I pull the connection for cylinder 8, the tick / knock remains.

I thought if it were a rod bearing the tick / knock would stop when pulling the electrical connector on top of the coil.

The plug has not blown out either. I'm stuck. Any suggestions as to what it could be?

Tick starts at 1:03

YouTube- 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra engine noise/outside the car

Ignore the loud power steering... listen for the tick

YouTube- Ford Thunderbird motor knock

My Motor...

YouTube- CIMG2057.MOV
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You won't always hear a squealing, and yes that knock does sound like the dreaded rod bearing. I hope it's not man but the best thing you could do at this point is start tearing her down before and serious damage is caused, good luck!:shrug: