Possibly Easy But Expansive Question . . .

D Durden

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Mar 9, 2000
Okay, don't laugh and forgive my ignorance on the subject. I'm an "old timer" and have been driving a '65 since 1985. My wife has a 2000 GT and my best friend has a 2000 GT. Both are sort of looking at upgrading their motors with a swap out. Basically one of the cars has 180k and the other has 317k . . . no issues EVER from either motor.

So, without getting too wild, what are their options for relatively easy swap (motor and tranny)? I'm not really worried about what turbocharger fits what or anything like that. What I'm looking for is something like "the 2009 4.6L with three valves is an easy swap and has x more horsepower, and it will hook up with the existing tranny" or "whatever you do, DON'T use the 2001 motor made in March with the automatic because . . .".

Not looking for major details, but some initial guidance.

Thanks guys!
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If you are going to take the whole motor out and put another one in, why not go with the four valve. Its a bigger V8 motor they put in these cars to begin with. Transmission stuff should match up, might have to change clutch components and ECU. I would think that would be easier than adapting a 3 valve to fit. My 2 cents. Good luck.
Logan's kit makes it pretty much a bolt in deal. Even retains the 2v ECU (cams timing is locked out). I'd like to know are all mustang 3v blocks aluminum? I've searched and can't a definit yes or no. If they are I may revisit this idea.
What's your intent with any type of swap....are you looking for more power? Why not just rebuild the 2vs?

Eh, more power, more fun . . . something different. It's most likely about as easy to put something new in for tons of base horsepower as opposed to building what you have.

And, heck, it's just interesting to see what's out there, now. Things change much more quickly now than the "good ole days" that I'm from. LOL!
I'm looking to hit the occasional track day. It doesn't make alot of sense to me to put in an aluminum short block and then add all the weight back with a s/c. 3v's have better n/a potential. A coyote would be ideal, but I'd like my dash to work. The dare to be different factor is there too. Not looking to make stupid amounts of power, but I would like more that a streetable n/a 2v can make.

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My old 2v has quite a few hard miles (214k) on it as well, so I am interested too.

The 3v swap looks pretty cool. I like the fact that someone did all the hard work of gathering all the misc. connectors, wiring, hoses, ect and offers it in a kit. Looks like around here, a 3v runs 1500-1700+tax and the kit another 1500... so with fluids and everything, it'd be around $3500-$4000. That kinda stings for 300 fwhp and and less low end torque than stock...

I have thought about a coyote swap too... but again, the whole dash thing is a bit of a problem (not to mention cost). That'd be a SWEET setup in a 96-04 car though. I drove a '13 5.0 the other day and it pulled hard in the mid and upper rpms, yet was perfectly docile and easy to drive in traffic and at slow speeds. Put that engine in a car that weighs a solid 400lbs less and enjoy. :D

And so it comes back to speed parts... seems like a root style blower is right in the price range of a 3v swap, but will give you 350-400 rwhp instead of 260 rwhp from a 3v. But that doesn't solve the engine with high mileage issue... I suppose you could buy a low mileage long block or run the old engine till it's too tired. I will tell you, I regularly see taxis and police cars in the j-yard with 400k miles, so the engine will go that far. 317k I would have second thoughts about a blower, but 180k is still a pup.
Thought about a Coyote swap as well. Cost didn't deter me, but someone else did on their SN95 and blew the engine pretty fast. Never said what failed so I just left it as a fleeting thought but a 3V swap I could do. I have inlaws that are gear heads and would jump at the chance to do a conversion.