post 1/4 mile times and mods

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13.57 @ 101 MPH @ 1600 feet above sea level( ~2500 feet DA for that run ).

SLP LoudMouth axleback
SCT X-Cal 2
MGW Short throw shifter
* Mickey Thompson 26/11.5/17 ET Street

I don't consider proper tires a mod, especially at a poorly prepped track like the one I go to...
3.31 gears
C&L Racer
Brenspeed Tune
Pypes O/R H
Steeda CMDPs
Drag Radials
13.5@105MPH 60' 2.0
Only been to the track once since adding the DR's. i'm confident I can get that down to 13.1 with practice and current mods.

Steeda CAI
Brenspeed Tune
Off Road X pipe
Drag Radials
13.43@101MPH 60' 1.9
That's her dad's run. First time racing a car in 30 years. I haven't raced it. I'm confident with practice, it's good for 12.6.
12.4 @ 109, 1.64 60'
UD Pullies
Intake runner deletes
Long tubes, x-pipe, axel back
4.30 gears
17" M/T drag radials
3700+ lbs

I launched the car great that run, but early shifted the 2-3 shift. Run before went 12.5 w/ a 1.8 60'. Would have been a 12.3 or faster run had I shifted the same as I did in during the run before it. But, then again I'm not a very good driver.
13.4 @ 105mph ~ Mods at the time: C&L Street (Amsoil Filter) - SCT Livewire with SCT's canned tune - Bullit STB - CHE A-arm brace - GT500 Rims - Goodyear F1's

I'm hoping for alittle lower times next time I go with the new LCA's. She'll atleast sound better going down the track with the Borla's! :D