Power steering issue

I've installed a new CVF racing saginaw pump with proper pulley, and a mid 80s fox "used" p/s rack in my 1982 mustang, and I've noticed that the power steering isn't working correctly on start up. It only starts to work when i get moving down the road a little bit. However when I come to a stop again the p/s seems to be working normally, and just fine for the entire drive after it starts working. What could be the problem, could it still be air trapped in the system causing that?
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I have been doing it wrong this whole time
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Mar 23, 2007
Middle of Maine
P/S pump pressure relief valve may be sticking.
My 01' F250 4x4 does the same thing. Start truck and try and turn the wheel and it is almost worse then manual steering. Put truck in drive, turn the wheel while the truck is moving and now everything is fine.
My truck has been that way for years. Pump is quiet and otherwise works fine.
I have no problem with living with it. It just is. Not going to spend the $ on a new pump for as little as an inconvenience that it is.
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