problems... please help!!

i just installed a brand new trans and the car has been runnin great, i decided to head down to the track last nite and of course it was really humid and hot so figured my times would be bad. about 2 miles from the track my car started acting up. i lose power above 2000rpms, the car is a complete dog right now. i ran a 16.3 after shutting down by the 1/8 mile. i just put in new plugs but im wandering if the gap was correct. what gap do you recommend on splitfire sf2e plugs? i have a 6al ignition and msd distributor, timing at 14*, 24# injectors... everything seems fine and i cant figure out whats wrong. :notnice:
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also for a few days now the car has been hesitating at wot... it will sorta go then all of a sudden kick in hard. another problem last nite was some a**hole stole my airfilter thru the front hole in my cobra bumper!! so would that cause any of these problems?