I am in the process of building a wild street car with a big blower and I am in need of help with aftermarket computers. I purchased a MSD Digital 6 in hopes of using it with a SCT Chip, but I came across a good deal on a Series 3 PMS. According to Anderson, I needed a better MSD or Mallory system to run with the PMS. So I purchased a Digital 7 part number 7531, and reading the material that came with it, it sounds like it does everything that the PMS does. I was also told that I should upgrade to the series 4 PMS. So my question is, with the Digital 7 that I am using, do I need use the PMS, or will the SCT Chip work? Pros and Cons of each? Also, I am running 160lb injectors, I have the injector driver for the PMS. Thanks for anyones help!!!!!!!!!
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i dont know much about the pms or have ever heard of switching to a msd 7 series. my personal suggestion is since you building a street car that has 160lbs injectors i think you gonna need some SERIOUS tuning, imo you would be better off with the tweecer rt. you can do anything with that software, much more indepth than the pms. the pms tricks the computer but with the tweecer you can alter or change parameters and other things for good with out tricking the ecu.

good luck