problems with eec showing up in datalogging


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Oct 20, 2001
First off the car ran fine last year. I added a new throttle and longtube headers this spring. I am not just getting around to tuning the car. Car idles fine until it goes into closed loop. At this point, the A/F jumps to 16 or 17. It will stay consistently there. If I take it for a drive I get no more then a block and it starts running out of fuel. The A/F jumps to 19 and then reads lean. I restart car and it goes back to 15 or so. Now I am trying to datalog and it keeps wanting to say that my TPS is registering at 2.000 and jumps around from there. The MAF voltage runs around .55 and doesnt change according to idle. These 2 were registering fine yesterday. Now I go to turn the key forward and the darn thing wants to check for codes. I have no clue whats going on. I have checked for my grounds and everything is attached.
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Mar 10, 2000
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Disconnect the Tweecer & dump the codes. Post what you find and we will work with you to get it fixed.

Here's the link to dump the computer codes with only a jumper wire or paper clip and the check engine light, or test light or voltmeter. I’ve used it for years, and it works great.


IF your car is an 86-88 stang, you'll have to use the test lamp or voltmeter method. There is no functional check engine light on the 86-88's except possibly the Cali Mass Air cars.

Codes have different answers if the engine is running from the answers that it has when the engine isn't running. It helps a lot to know if you had the engine running when you ran the test.

Trouble codes are either 2 digit or 3 digit, there are no cars that use both 2 digit codes and 3 digit codes.

For those who are intimidated by all the wires & connections, see for what a typical hand scanner looks like. Normal retail price is about $30 or so at AutoZone or Walmart.

Or for a nicer scanner see – It has a 3 digit LCD display so that you don’t have to count flashes or beeps.. Cost is $33.