Progress... Nothing fancy just progress... (pics)


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May 23, 2003
Macomb, IL
Here are a couple pics of my vortech install... The car is deffenetly not show material but it should be fast... This estimated 10 hour install job took approx 3 weekends too do.. (waiting on parts most of the time)

Those are not scratches in my finder... And you can see how dusty my car has gotten in the top left on one of the pics.



I can wait to get it tuned... Should be this week sometime, (gotta call and get an appointment) After its tuned im going to seriously put some elbow grease into cleaning it up a little...
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VibrantRedGT said:
Where is the ACT?
I did some modding and put it right after the MAF...

I used some pieces off an old CAI i have... Then just added it in between the power pipe and the MAF... IT put the filter further down but not too far.

While modding this I also put a fitting for the hose off the valve cover to go to...(thats what the hose is for with the brass fitting just sitting there on the power pipe, I have to get some more hose and left it there as a reminder) What did you do about that vib? The instructions for the power pipe were kinda crappy... They said to put the ACT in the rubber hump hose in the 7/16 hole... Well there was no hole and i didn't like the idea of putting it into rubber anyway...

You can't see it very well but i love how well my hole turned out for my power pipe... I used vacuum line with a slit in it and it looks like it came that way from the factory...
Ah, i see...

One other thing i did was run the heater hose line under the supercharger instead of over it like you did... The only problem I see in this is it might warm up the air a little that is coming in... I might change this later.

And i think i made timing it a huge problem... The spout wire is in the finder somewhere and i don't think it will be easy to get too... :bang:
I would recomend putting that ACT in the dishcarge pipe. Might have pinging issues with the ACT where you placed it, unless this is tuned around.

ACT reads colder air then the engines actually seeing
inturn the timing is advanced like normal, since its seeing normal inlet temps, when placed before the the blower.

atleast that makes sence to me, becuase when i had the ACT placed just after the MAF, before blower on my Vortech setup, i had pinging problems no matter what i did.. I didnt discover this till latter.. oh well
How come the air temperature would be different between a short distance of a foot or so with really nothing to really to cause a temp change between the two?

When you put it on the down-side of the compressor, where lots of heat is added due to compression (ever feel the head of your air compressor while it's running?), you'll get the eec to take the added heat into account. You get spark retard at certain ACT temperatures
RIO5.0 said:
Vib....Got the P/N on the breather.....Me likes... :D Thats just what i covers a pain to remove..

Well it's the FRPP one. I got it at Steeda for $19.95. I just went to the site and they have it for $21.95 and it doesn't say Motorsport on it. So Summit has it for $19.95 and the part number is FMS-M6766N303.