Project updates.


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Sep 26, 2002
By Rochester MN
Project update w/pics

Don't know if anybody remember the first post. Back in Oct?

Couple of updated pics. Took everything down to the frame. Motor, tranny, rear end, suspension out. Welded up and reenforced shock towers. New front suspension. Cut top part of the cowl out to get to rusty parts. Cut them out and replaced them. Welded cowl top back on. Went throught motor with new gaskets, cam. Went through tranny and rearend myself. Cut all the brackets out for the fuel cell and moved it up into the trunk. Moved solenoid, regulator wiring to the trunk with the battery and fabbed up all new brackets for the bat and fuel pump. Took all tinwork out of back and sanded, por-15 'd, rewelded back in car, seam sealed and top coated everything. Put the whole interior back together with 02 seats. Would love to get it painted now but can't afford that right now. Getting close to being driveable!

Pics didnt turn out real well, too much dust everywhere yet.
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