Proper way to eliminate EGR???

I am looking at eliminating the EGR valve on my 92 LX. I have the lower intake off to get ported as I speak and am thinking about blocking the passage for the exhaust gas with the 1250 intake gaskets. I am taking the car to get tuned with an SCT chip and heard that you can turn off the EGR function in the PCM. I do not want any detonation at part throttle and want to make sure the PCM corrects this with the EGR function disabled. After the EGR function is disabled, do you still need to connect the egr valve position sensor or can I unplug it?? I don't want the check engine light coming on. I'm not against EGR valves, but I have coolant seeping from my throttle body spacer gaskets that smell and t-me off. I want to bypass the coolant hoses to the spacer and I don't want to do that without eliminating the EGR gasses. And between the EGR and coolant going thru the spacer, it is hot enough to burn my hand. I have no thermactor pump or converters and am not too concearned about gas mileage. I will be taking a longer road trip to St Louis for the WFC and don't want any highway cruising problems. And once the intake is back on, I don't want to pull it out to open the port back up if this don't work. Anyone with advice on EGR/PCM info, please respond. Thanks!!!
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Apr 1, 2002
Stanwood, Washington
I took all my smog and egr equipment off my 90 Fox. I had a custom JMS chip done for the car, which will be similar to the tune you are having done, and they removed the part of the program that looks for the EGR. Once that was done the check engine light never came on and the car ran great. You can leave the EGR connector unplugged and tuck it back out of the way.

As for the EGR block off, I made my own. I traced the EGR gasket onto a 1/4 thick piece of alumimun. I cut the shape on a band saw and drilled the holes. Do a little finish shaping on a belt sander and put it back together using the gasket and a couple bolts and washers.

Later I bought an Accufab throttle body and EGR eliminator block. Their block has no holes at all, only tabs to mount the throttle cable to and it was beautiful. Plus it put the throttle body in the stock location so my cold air kit fit the same and the throttle bracket did not hit the valve covers. Some of the EGR elim kits they sell are very thin and those previous mentioned problems can arrise.

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