Props to Autometer and Maximum Motorsports


Please ask me how much my supercharger cost
Apr 6, 2004
Texas City TX
Just wanted to give props to Autometer and Maximum Motorsports for their excellent customer service! In leu of all the bad crap going around about buyfordracing I figured i'd give a little positive feedback towards two truly excellent mustang vendors.

I bought an autometer tachometer/shift light that went out on me a few months later, I sent it back to them to get fixed and much to my suprise and satisfaction they sent me back a Brand new one! :nice:

I ordered some swaybar links from maximum motorsports and they accidentally shipped it to the wrong address, well i emailed them the day after i find this out and in less than 6 hours my email was addressed and the problem was resolved with no questions asked! I was very pleased with the excellent customer service! :nice:
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