SOLD 1988 Ford Mustang GT, lots of upgrades, Maximum Motorsports Suspension PRICE DROP $6800


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Aug 13, 2007
Selling my 1988 Ford Mustang GT $8800

History of the car:

It is a Florida vehicle that I bought when I was 16 back in 1998, it has never seen any winter use since I bought and brought to Minnesota. Upgraded the engine throughout high school, added nitrous, different set of frame connectors and drag raced in Cedar Falls, Iowa a few times. I only used the Nitrous a handful of times at the lower 50 or 100 hp levels and have not used it in over 10 years. Went to college for mechanical engineering and joined the Formula SAE Racecar team which designs and builds a mini Formula One style car which got me into road racing so I bought and installed a $3000+ Maximum Motorsports rear suspension kit with all the best bits in hopes of road racing someday. I went on to gut the interior in preparation for a roll cage and that is where the progress halted. I have run it a few times at Track Night at Dakota County Technical College and it is a great handling car. I now have 3 kids and we just got a camper so we are just too busy for me to enjoy the car as much as I want so it is time for the Mustang to go to a new home!

Car starts and runs good. There are a couple holes in the floor pan which I have patched with sheet metal as you can see in the photos. There is no rust where all the frame connectors and suspension mounts are, I sandblasted, primed and painted the entire back half of undercarriage in high school and I never drove in winters. The exterior paint is in okay shape, some paint cracks, gray ground effects has paint flaking in some spots and there is a spot with rust up by sunroof.

Rear Suspension:
All Maximum Motorsports
MM HD Torque Arm
MM XD Rear Lower Control Arms
MM Panhard Bar
MM Adjustable Rear Swaybar, 7/8" x .120" wall
MM Coil-Over Kit
Koni Double Adjustable Shocks

MM Strut Tower Brace
MM Subframe Connectors, XL Full Length

Stock Shortblock w/ 174k (Thanks for the forged pistons Ford)
GT-40P Heads
FMS F303 Cam
Omega Adjustable Roller Rockers
Trickflow Trackheat Intake
FMS 24 lb. Injectors
Mac 70 mm Throttle Body & Spacer
C&L 76 mm Mass Air
March Ram Air
March Pulleys
Custom Mass Air Conversion
Kirban FPR
AC Delete
Flex Fan
Edelbrock Timing Chain

Mac GT-40P Headers
Pacesetter H-pipe
Flowmaster American Thunder Catback System

Nitrous Express 50-150 HP Adjustable Nitrous Kit
Bottle Warmer
Purge Kit

Data Acquisition:
PLX M-300 Wideband O2 Sensor Kit with Dash Readout

General G-MAX AS with less than 500 miles on them


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