Pulleys for a 351 Clevor engine


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Apr 7, 2010
Hello, I recently built a 410 Clevor stroker and I need to hook up the power steering and Alternator to this Clevor engine. The heads are Edelbrock Performer 351 and the block is a vintage 351 W from a 1995 Lightning. I have installed a Moroso electric water pump and realize that I might need to replace w/a manual to get even close to making anything work. Are there any of you running a Clevor and what system did you install?

I have called 'March pulleys' and they have nothing available I hope someone can help me with this....

Thank you very much indeed!
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I don't have any pics but I just made a patle that bolted to the head, and weld a piece of tubing that was threaded to it. I did that for an Alt. But you should be able to run a saginaw pump from unisteer. I use them all the time for stuff like that. It bolts to the water pump, not the head, so no worries.