Pulleys with Vortech

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its simple. Underdrive pulleys slow down the accesories, the vortech runs off of the accesory drive belt. if you have the pulleys installed and you put a vortech on you will slow down the vortech there fore creating less boost. if you plan on going with any centri blower save the cash put the money twards a wideband autometer widebands can be had for 240-280 depending on the model you want on ebay.
not worth it if you are going to get a blower. You can sale them for 80-100 bucks, but its proboly not worth it since it doesnt sound like you are doing your own labor. After the 180 plus 40-50 bucks for the install your up around 230, proboly not worth the 3-5 Temporary HP for 130-150 bucks.