Put a Bullit in my Steed (stumped)

347 Special

New Member
Nov 27, 2003
las vegas
Im about ready to put my car out of MY misery.

OK, ive put up two diff. threads on my 347 running HOT and have done many things recommended and no change. New HG's 1011-2 , Two new water pumps (OEM rev.rotation), two new therms. 160/180 in now. I Know im going by the OEM gauges but the old engine ran between 190 and 210 on the gauge. Now , with the only diff. in engine components being a STG 2 instead of the F-cam and the TrackHeat in stead of the Cobra intake. New sensors also, temp sending unit/coolant temp unit. Burped it. What to do next??? In the morning im going to a friends to check timing(maybe i stabbed the dist wrong) and he has an infa-red heat gun so we will check for correct temps.

Do you think i need a high-flow water pump , do they really work?
I know that timing is a factor on engine temps. could the fact that is off a tooth cause such a rise in temps. Or lets say it is at TDC on #1 and just low on timing, could that cause high temps.

the heads are not warped(didnt re-check the block) im loosing no water, no water in oil ALTHOUGH the oil looks really THIN (10-30 i think) no bubbles in rad. I hope i didnt leave anything out. Got any ideas for me let me know. Thanks.

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