Quarter mile after 4.10's!


Nov 8, 2004
My best quarter mile time is 14.08! I have and auto with 315/35/17 rear tires and suspension. I was planning on getting the frpp 4.10's with a trans cooler and also some other minor rear end things like 31 splines. How much can I expect my quarter mile to drop! and my best 60ft time was 2.108 I usually run 2.1 -2.2's! I ususally make a run on stock tire pressure and then put about 15 -20 psi in the tires. When I run stock psi my 60 ft sucks but my 1/4 is lower! when I lower the pressure it is the opposite.( I KNOW THIS IS COMMON SENSE BUT) I was thinking If I lower the pressure with gears and get good traction then maybe I would run 13.6- 13.8??? And also what other mods along with the gears and tranny could I do to improve times! Thanx
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Gears help quite a bit, however I wouldnt expect your trap to go up as your gonna be at the top of 3rd. Time wise, 4.10s really help alot off the line if you can hook, ESPECIALLY in an auto where each gear is LONG....I say it will drop you to 13.8s easy if your cutting the same 60. I pulled a 2.10 60' with the stock gears AND DRs and ran a 13.7...put in the gears and pulled a 1.909 60 with teh kumhos @ 30PSI, on my FIRST EVER pass with the tires (different track). I think its the gears, they help a BUNCH in 1st gear.
I've got an 01 GT auto. Ran 14.3 stock@97. Went with 3.73 gears and Superchips Max programmer, ran 14.1 consistently@ 98. Then ported the plenum, intake spacer. steeda underdrives, K&N, Magnaflow catback and run 13.8 consistantly. Best 60ft, 2.03. just under 100mph. I regret not going 4.10's probably good for another .1.
kstang69 said:
you said 1.9 60' but what was the 1/4 mi time with the gears???

the time in sig, 13.58 @ 100.29. 1st run ever on those tires too, we had a 20-25MPH head wind, so that dint help the trap at ALL. Before gears and chip I ran a 2.10 60' with a 13.7 @ 100.76 (no headwind, and a higher elv)