Question about Headers...

From what I've been reading, the best headers I can buy are Long Tube headers. I realize this but i was wondering how effective the aftermarket shorty headers are. I know that the longtubes scavenge better, but i didnt know how comparable the shortys were. Considering that a good pair of shortys costs half the price of a pair of longtubes, i wanted to know just how much better the LTs are. Also, how will each of these affect my exhaust volume/tone? I wouldn't mind being a little louder. Right now, I have a Pypes O/R X-pipe and Mid Muffler system, and i like the tone. Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Longtubes are definitely more powerful than shorties. Shorties still produce an ok amount of power, but are a little heavy on cost, considering the gain. Longtubes also help more with sound, though there is some sound gained with shorties. If you want some cheap longtubes, search for OBX on eBay. They're made in China, but the quality is great for the price. Quite a few people have bought them and I have heard nothing but good. Most longtubes available right now are severly over priced.
That off road pipe will only work with shorties. But if you're going the shorties route, it'll work fine. Though, as I stated, the OBX longtubes are about the same price as most shorties.
Another thing to consider is that if you go longtubes, you can't run a turbo with them. It's a possibility of me running a turbo so I'm going with the BBK Ceramic Coated Headers. They are shorties and you can get them for a little more than $350 shipped from Brenspeed.
Long tubes change the sound a bit too. I have the OBX LTs and O/R H and the stock mufflers sounded like crap, really raspy and trumpety. I just put Pypes MM on and they sound great except around 26-2900 they trumpet a bit... Basically just significantly louder for a few hundred RPM.
Dan, have you tried putting the resonators in that came with the OBX headers? I heard they don't do a whole lot, but they may be just enough to smooth the sound out where you're having trumpets. I think when I get mine, I'm going to take the resonator pipes and have some high flow cats welded in their place.
Does anyone make mid-length headers for these cars? Remembering from my LS1 days most guys ran longtubes but quite a few ran mid-length as well. Also, is equal length important on these cars?