Question about timing


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May 10, 2005
I am just about to drop the 408 into my 94 GT Convertible. Yesterday I filled it with oil and checked for leaks and pressure with my pre-oiler. This, of course, required me to remove the distributor. As I ran the oil pump I also rotated the motor so the oil would move throughout. All was well until I went to reassemble the distributor. Now all the marks I made to show the position of the distributor itself and the rotor were useless because the engine had been rotated. :bang:

Now, when I built the engine I located TDC and installed the adjustable timing indicator to point at 0 degrees. If I continue to rotate back to an indicated 0 degrees can I reinstall the distributor with the rotor pointing to the number one ignition wire and be on my way or is there a possibility of being 180 degrees off?
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rotate the engine untill #1 cyl is on TDC (compression stroke)

a quick easy way is to stick ur finger over the #1 plug hole and have someone crank the engine over untill you feel air puff out

then you mark #1 plug wire on your dist and point the rotor as best you can to that mark and stab the dist in. that should get you close enough to run then you just set timing from there
You should be able to put it to 10° that way. Since you aligned the point properly. The trick will be getting the leading edge of the rotor to fall right at the contact. It will be in the ballpark and you will need to adjust it from there.