Question for you 8.8 pros

Jul 11, 2007
I have an 87 TC rear in my mustang and it has a bad carrier bearing. I also have the old 8.8 that came out of the car. would it be possible to basicly swap ring gears to the diff in the stock and if yes would I have to mess with pinion depth or whatnot, ive never rebuilt or taken apart a rear.

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no....ring and pinion are a matched set. you must replace them at a set.

Repairing, rebuilding or "fixing" a rear differential is NOT something a first timer should try on their own, by themselves. There are to many steps, procedures, or tools that must be used to attempt if you have no experience with differentials. If you can get the help of someone who has the experience, that is a huge plus. Do your research first. If you must do the repair by yourself, be prepared to have to do it over a few times. Although, that is one way to "learn" how to rebuild the diff. And you will learn things, like frustration, patience, the Snap-On man's cell phone #, the "damn thats expensive" where is Harbor Freight? The I did not know I could throw a wrench/socket so far, ect. And finally, the joy of getting it right! Or you can skip all of the above and pay someone a couple of hundred $ in labor to do it for you. If you are lucky they will let you watch and ask questions.
no....ring and pinion are a matched set. you must replace them at a set.

I understand that. I want to replace the Diff only as in removing the ring gear from the old diff and bolting the current ring gear to the old diff. So the ring and pinion would be the same as before just a differnt diff. I just want to swap diffs only no gears.