Question of the Day!


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Apr 6, 2003
For all of you who wondering what the hell is the question of theday and didnt check this out the day before, go find my last thread so you have a heads up of whats going on :D

Second offical question:

How much do the Stock headers (94-95 GT) weigh in pounds?

Good luck :nice:
yesterdays winner: SN95StangMan
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Hey let me know what yall think of my "question of the day" idea and also if yall go any good questions for me to ask PM them to me and dont forget the answer. Im going to be fare and post these at different times of the day so everyone has a chance. :rolleyes:

Comments welcome :D
Yes I do plan to keep a list of questions, and winners and stuff and post them up to refresh yall on it.

Vib, its seems to me like everyone like my idea, so what gives on the :lock: :shrug: ????

Thanks to yall for you comments!