Question on cam/heads


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May 4, 2005
Hey guys, I used to post here a bit and then school work took over my life.

However, I just came across a Performer RPM cam and lifter kit for my 289.
The question I have is, can someone recommend a head for my car? It is a stock 289 with only a holly 600cfm carb and a T-5 conversion with stock 2.79 rear gearing.

I know this cam will rip my stock heads and valve springs a new one, so I am in need of an aftermarket head.
I was looking at GT40-p heads for 500 a pair on ebay, or possibly converting my heads to screw in studs and just putting in new valve springs and calling it a day.

Could the wise folks at Stangnet perhaps give some advice? Money is an issue here, I am looking to spend no more than about 700-800 to complete the package.
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you'll need gt40-P specific headers if you use the P heads and they are a couple hundred bucks at least. for now i'd recommend either just installing new springs and studs in your stock heads or look at maybe getting some World Windsor Jr. heads if you can find some used ones. shouldn't be too hard to find a used set of those heads.
If you're that strapped for cash, you might be better off returning the RPM kit and going with the Performer kit. You didn't specify what intake you're using ? Stock intake & heads, would go better with the Performer kit. Buying aftermarket heads, with the RPM cam, and you'll be limiting it somewhat with the stock iron intake, so I'd also plan on another $100-200 for an intake upgrade. Also limit your head choices to those with 58 cc chambers, so you can easily mill them to 54 to pickup or at least keep the comp ratio where it needs to be. Later down the road, rear gears would be another improvement.
Its not that I'm strapped for cash, I'm just trying to not go poor :D

I would rather be able to use cheapy headers in the future and not worry about GT40p specific headers. I am going to try to find some used heads that bnickle suggested. The manifold is a Performer manifold, but I have a hookup at the auto parts store and can get the RPM manifold for cheap.

however, I do have a set of complete and stock 289 heads as spares, I might do a DIY porting job and take em to a machine shop to get screw in studs put in for now untill I can get the good heads I want to stick with.
:D Half the fun in saving money is the thrill of the hunt.:nice: Good hunting. :D I was on the verge of ordering a set of Brodix heads when i ran across the Canfields I ended up with (ebay $1100 shipped instead of around $1400 retail)
Just got some GT40P heads from a member on the boards. Can anyone recommend a set of rockers that will work? I checked Jeg's and Ebay, it seems they all run about 200 for a set.
there should be no problem with the coolant ports lining up. remember that these heads were designed for use on production ford vehicles, and available through ford racing parts for installation on vehicles other than the ford explorer. the only real difference is the exhaust port flanges, and the location of the spark plugs iirc.
I would say the gt-40s you got are a good choice. Top them off with a set of FRPP cobra roller rockers. I think they run about $175 a set, though I managed to pick mine up new in the box for $130. They come with all the fasteners and stuff youll need too.