question on offroad xpipe and emissions testing


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Mar 11, 2006
I may be getting a 01 gt and it has a bassani o/r xpipe installed with Mac dumps. Does anyone know if i would have a problem passing an emmisions test here in Illinois? Also anyone know if there's a decible test and if this would be a problem? Thanks.
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this depends on what kind of tests Ill. does.

in massachusetts we have the dyno test for older cars with the 96 and newers cars getting a obd2 scan. if the scan passes you get a sticker. and a off road can pass as long as you have mil elims or a tune that turned off the cat monitor.

Z28 KILR said:
I don't see how it could pass either test. Are you sure that IL has these tests? Ohio doesn't although have heard that they were going to start.

this is one of the reasons I have OH tags on the mustang. that and very very cheap insurance compared to the peoples republic of massachusetts
There is no tailpipe test for 96+ cars. Since you have dumps this is not a issue for you.

In Illinois, these cars get the OBDII test which means the hook up a code reader to the diagnostic port and check for MIL code and perform a 'ready test'.

The ready test check the status of the various sensors in the emissions system.

If you have more than 'not ready' check or the service engine light is on, you fail. You may or may not fail because of the off-road pipe but, I know several people that have passed running an off-road/dump system.

There is no OFFICAL decibel test either. A ticket for 'too loud exhaust' is up to the police officers discretion meaning you may or may not get a ticket.