Questions about 85 351 Windsor from Bronco


Founding Member
Nov 1, 2002
Long Island, NY
are these motors worth building up? What is the torque and hp ratings for this block stock? Roller ready or flat tappet? Any more information is useful. I have an complete 85 windsor 351 in my garage that will be going in my coupe. Wondering if an 85 motor is worth building up since I know the older 351s are better as some people say. Thanks in advance.

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Yes it is worth building, I have the same motor just an 87, and you can build it like you want it, if youre looking for something a little more than stock, you can get that thing up to 330 hp easily, just depends on your budget, before making any mods make sure you understand what youre getting into, especially on the bottom end, I wish I knew then what I know now.
don't wanna do anything more than re-ringing the pistons rite now, next year i will rebuild perhaps for a stroker kit. i'm only looking for 300 hp and possibly the same amount if not more torque with upgrading cam intake and carb with the milled heads