questions concerning t5 swap....


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
How reliable are t5s?? Can they handle 260 or so rwhp???
My shift cable is giving me problems and i will probably have to replace it, i dont feel like spending 170$ just to have my Low 1 gear.

Plus if you think about it, all that money used for a nice stall/shift kit could buy a decent t5 setup.

Would you suggest swapping out???
I've always dreamed of a 5speed 5.0 but i suckered to an auto and now i sorta regret it.

How much will the car wake up if i was to swap it out???
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put it this way, if you're aod is stock, you'll literally gain practically a full second on your quarter mile times. It's that much better. A t5 is a glass house, step on it wrong, and it'll blow, HOWEVER, it's the powershifting that kills these animals. Don't powershift, and that t5 will hold up a lot longer than that aod will. It's worth every penny to convert.