Questions on convertible rear panels removal, convertible hydraulic component replacement and convertible top replacement

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What's the gist of the video? My vert leaks, one single drip at a time, onto the driver's side seat... I just put a towel there when it rains and it keeps the seat dry. I've been wondering if it needs adjustment somewhere or if it's just bad weatherstripping.
Question y'all.... Sounds dumb,. But. What is the easiest way to get the rubber fill plug out of the reservoir section of the pump?

Both on my existing pump and the new one the full plugs are in very tight. I got the old one out with a screwdriver and lots of prying, but damaged the plug.

Can't imagine it should be this difficult? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks guys....

Progress being made.... Old pump and lines and cylinders are out and floor pan is cleaned up...
Got the plug out, was a total B, lots of prying and wiggling and it came finally.

Got the top motor\pump, lines and cylinders in roughly. Have to tidy things up and put the motor in it's mount tomorrow... Top goes up and down and no leaks so far
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As far as the top replacement goes, I watched a few Youtube videos and bought a top and an electric staple gun and knocked out the convertible top in about 10 hours all by myself. I have a couple vertical wrinkles in the sail panels, but it looks pretty decent. It was not an overly difficult or complicated task, it's all designed to come apart so that it can be replaced. I am betting that most people that do it themselves will get a couple wrinkles vs getting a professional replacement but it's good enough for me as I rarely drive it without the top down... and I never bought the car to be a show piece. I originally had a busted glass rear window, with the two-piece top and opted to go to a single piece with vinyl window... was blue originally as well which was just too much blue for me.

After top replacement. Hard to tell unless you get up close to it.
Hey CPC, good afternoon,

I sent you a PM. I've all but decided to give the one piece top a go. I found one from an Ebay seller for $249 I believe with good reviews.