QUICK bumper question

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no u dont have to take the head lights off, there are little plastic pins u have to pull out with a special tool or a screwdriver will probably work. they are under the car and on the sides i think.
The 2 pins on top didnt need to be taken off. There are 2 bolts holding the bumper to the lower radiator support, 2 nuts on each side if the inner bumper holgin it to the fender, ther should also be some screws in the fenderwell holding the bumper to the fenderwell liner

The headlight can be taken off by removing the clips, and pushing in the bottom 2 clips, the side markers are held in by a bolt, i belive it is either 8 or 10mm. There are 2 bolts where the sidemarker go that have to be takin off, and also 2 that have to be loosened right behond where the headlights are supposed to go.