Quick Steer kit for '67?

I'm looking for a 'shelby quick steering kit' for a '67 mustang. I see them for older models but I can't find them for a '67. I'm already planing on getting a bump steer kit which supposively will quicken the steering ratio, but what about this quick steer kit?
BTW, my car is manual steering, 19:1 box
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A bump steer kit will not quicken your steering ratio. Also, a bump steer kit is not a performance upgrade, it is a fix to a problem. If your car does not have noticable bump steer, you do not need to correct a problem that does not exist.

As for making your steering more responsive, your best bet would be a new Flamming River needel bearing 16:1 steering box.

streetstang67 said:
'The Bump Steer Kit quickens the steering ratio, by approximately 1/2 turn'

Interesting, I didn't think there would be an impact to the steering ratio with the bump steer kit and that's the same kit that I have on my car.

I still wouldn't install a bumpsteer kit unless I was experiencing bumpsteer. I see that you have already done the UCA drop. What kind of tires are you running? My car really started to exhibit bumpsteer after I did the Global West UCA drop and put some high performance 50 series tires on.

Back to your original question.

You can put a quicksteer kit in your 67. The 65/66 kit will work if you also put a 66 manual drag link and innter tie rods in also. You'll need a 16 to 1 gearbox also.

I'm currently putting al that into my 68. (including the Baer Bumpsteer tierods). And yes if you've done the drop you have more bumpsteer, because you've changed the geometry of the steering, which had a little to begin with.