Quick window question...

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if you know what they look like take a trip to the parts store and see if you can identify them..if you buy a set and they dont fit keep the reciept and return them i dont think there are but a few different types....
In the 94/95 FAQ section, there is a great write up on how to do this. I purchased the replacement part mentioned in the instructions and just used the plastic beads. The new assembly itself was a little different, but my original one was perfect once I cleaned it up and stuck in the beads.

I should have bought an extra replacement part, because I'm sure the other window will give me problems before too long.

FYI: I printed out the FAQ section covering this install and started the process. Took less than an hour with no problems at all.
I've taken the window completely out etc before. I also had to replace wiring for the driver side door and put the new plastic round things in the motor on the pass. side door. I went to Ford and everything looking for new things to use for the window tracks (to keep it on track) and they said that I would have to buy the whole black metal thing that glues to the bottom of the window. They said it would cost $130 bucks for them. I know when people install new windows, these come with them.

I'm going to Oreilly's later to see if they can find me some. My search has failed me several times :(, or maybe I'm just looking for the wrong part???

Also, for those unsure, I'm NOT talking about the pieces for the window motor. I'm talking about the plastic pieces that hook onto the black metal clips glued to the bottom of the window then are lowered in the track of the car door.