Raced a 96 GT


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Dec 9, 2003
Boca Raton, FL
I was at the car meet tonight with some friends and a few lightnings and a cobra went out to race so we followed them in my friends thunderbird. The 95 cobra with a blower beat the 2 lightnings. Lightnings are ear piercing on WOT though. My friend was all happy that he only lost by like 5 cars with the lightnings (they raced like 35/40 till about 85), the last race they did was from a dig till like 100 and they pulled very hard.

Now on to my race.. my friend in a black 96 gt with a motor swap (has the 99+ motor in it) with 3.73's, headers, x pipe, flows, cold air, u/d pulleys wanted to race my friend in a 2000 z28 (slp catback + air lid), the camaro backed down cause he doesnt like to race at night even though there is no traffic or anything, so the kid was like ok fine andrew will run me, im like sure cause i never turn down a race lol.

It ended up being us 3 on a 3 way road going 20 in 1st gear, 3000 rpms, my friend in the black gt honked it off and we nailed it, the z28 got a jump before the 3rd honk and he stopped at 75 and was about 2 and a half cars in front of us, but me and the black gt ran from 20 mph till 120 mph and he only pulled half a car, my front bumper was like between his door and rear bumper... i was watching on horsepower t.v. that a car just like mine, except i have a prochamber + gears, dyno'd at 184 rwhp lol.. so i think my car is running very strong, the kid was like DUDE WHY DO YOU HANG WITH ME?? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO! lol, shifts were all perfect, brought em to about 5500 rpm's each time, once i get my performer 5.0 on there ill be able to definitely take him.... i just still dont know how i got whooped by that srt-4 by 4-5 cars... he took it to the track and ran 14.4 @ 97 mph with a 2.3 60', i think im capable of beating a 14.4, should be in the 13's with the performer...

one thing though.. i have new bullet race mufflers on my car now, and HOLY SH-T did i backfire, in 3rd gear it sounded like a shotgun
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like ive told you before, the cops that shut down your gathering that night did it because of the red mustang that races everything with 4 wheels! :rlaugh:

way to hang with that 4.6, i still think your dropping some power shifting at 5500...(i know ive said that before too lol)

lol probably, last week i raced an sti off a red light, we launched it and he instantly pulled a car and it stayed that way till about 80, then i shut it down cause i saw a car up ahead and i dont race if its not clear (i'm not that stupid), but i talked to him tonight, he said he missed 5th gear...? and ended up throwing it in 6th, if we only raced till 80, was he even in 5th yet? when does 5th gear start for those cars?? oh well, but yea i usually bring it a little past 5500, once i get my performer on ill be bringing it real close to 6k every time, wherever im shifting at now seems to be working just fine... its hard to really pay attn. where u shift at if ur racing someone
Good Job on hanging with the 4.6, for the amount of mods you have you listed that's a big accomplishment. I would think 5500 rpms would be a tad too much. I could be wrong but I thought a good shift for our cars mostly stock would be about 52-5300. And when you get that Intake he should definitely be seeing your tail lights.

Nice job :nice: