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I wish I didn't have all of these balls in the air
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Dec 6, 2005
Marietta, Ga
So I've been dinking around on FB since it's slow at work today and ran across these pics.....


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Nope, not my car.

There was an ad from a supplier for some Atturo tires and someone left a negative comment. It was the only comment and I was curious as to who this guy was and if there would be any evidence or reason for his negative comment. I was curious as I've had 2 sets of Atturo tires on my truck with no real problems to speak of. But I checked out his pics and there they were. Apparently there was some event at the Dragon's Tail in North Carolina that this was taken. I don't know if he was the photographer, but I expect that he was. There is a business page on FB for the photographer that's advertised in the watermark, these pics aren't displayed there. So I don't know the owner of the car, but apparently they're fairly recent pictures, and I though that they're good ones. :nice:
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While it looks like the trailer has a decent drag coefficient, I question whether or not this rig could reach the required 88mph required to time travel. :shrug:

It might need to be upgraded with 2 of these for the extra load.
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