really tough question


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Dec 8, 2006
hey guys i have a tough desicion to make its keep my 2001 auto gt which is like my baby i have over 3000$$ invested in it or trade in my car and get a 03 or 04 cobra svt under 40k miles so guys any ideas on helping and like the cons and pros about the GT and the COBRA SVT........
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i would never buy a vert anything, they look ugly to me with the tops up... but if you want one and you have the cash , then buy one!!!... 4valve is a nice motor, seems like mods do twice what they would put out on a 2valve..
How is this a "tough" choice? It's more of a financial burden than anything. If you can afford the $300 monthly payments for 4 years, then do it. My GT was paid off so I decided to drop a supercharger in it rather than go with the $300 monthly payments for a few years. Now I can have fun and run with 03 Cobra's (unmodded of course) and my car gets attention like crazy because it's something you don't see everyday (b/c it's not just a stock looking GT or Cobra).

If you want to make your car one of a kind, keep the GT and save the money you'd be putting in for a cobra to mod cash.

If you don't mind monthly payments and having no mod cash, then go with the Cobra. Much sexier car. But you mentioned a "vert". 03 cobra verts with 40+ still go for $28-30. Have fun with those payments.

Just my $0.02!
You can make your GT look just like a cobra for far less than buying one.
And that $15,000 you would be spending after trading your car in would make for a very nice fordged motor, sweet tranny, and turbo setup...

...Thats if you like working on your car.

If not, buy the cobra.
all good ideas but i think for now im going to stick with my gt b/c idk i just love it and put a kb supercharger get that sweet sound like a cobra but eventually i will get a cobra maybe a yr or two but for now my auto gt is good enought lol....
Only reason i never did the same thing is because Cobra verts are so freaking expensive. Too much cash. I'd rather stick a blower in mine for a few grand over the 20+k itll cost for a Cobra vert.
I've been debating doing this with my car for years..

Basically the short answer is - If you like going fast and having a nice dependable ride the easy way, get the Cobra.

If you want something more unique and are attached to the car already, mod the GT.

I always think to myself.. I'm more impressed to see a GT click off a low 12 than just another Cobra. So I'm probably staying with my GT.
wait, you already put a KB on your car? I'm so confused. That whole run-on paragraph was one of the hardest things to make sense of.

Now that I know it's an auto, just chuck it and get the Cobra. ;)