Rear brake upgrade Brackets


New Member
Oct 21, 2002
searched this and found someone was asking the same question with no answer.
Does anyone make the brackets for the rear brake upgrade? I know Steeda, Powerslot, Ford & Baer all have kits with a bracket and some rotors. it seems that someone would make a kit that is just brackets (In case you have your own Rotors).
Has anyone made these brackets? Has anyone tried? It does not look difficult but I am not a machinist. I mean the price of the other ones are pretty cheap (198.00) but that is with rotors, I wonder how much would the brackets themselves cost.
Just a question.

PS: What is the cost (Rough Guess) to change heads and cams on a 2000 GT? What would I need? Anyone knows someone that would give me a good price near Chicago?

I was quoted $1300-1$400 to swap heads. I paid $700 for the heads so I should have gotten a super charger.

Any help
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