Rear Control Arms


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Apr 7, 2005
It guess it would be efficient to change my upper and lower control arms while I am replacing my shocks (with OEM's) and replacing the spring isolators on the stock springs.However,I'm not sure I need them.My traction is crappy but that could be mostly due to the stock wheels/tires.I use the car just as a summer fair weather street car.I've heard some guys change their control arms and they end up with stiffer and noisier suspensions which I don't want.Any suggestions?
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Buy your suspension components from Maximum Motorsports. the build probably one of the best if not best suspension and chassis parts around. The stock control arms are pretty poor in comparison to aftermarket ones. Control arms will help you handle better and hook up better. They typically use poly instead of rubber bushings so it will be stiffer. Dunno about the noise. Any part that improves handling typically compromises comfort. All the suspension and breaks in the world cannot overcome poor tires so its really your call if you need them or not.
I am eventually going to change out the tires to help improve traction.So the bushings in the control arms are typically polyurethane and that causes the ride to be stiffer;are there control arms that have softer (rubber?) bushings that still are an improvement over stock for traction?I am not as concerned about improving handling.
stock uppers with poly lowers here, can't comment on the noise because the exhaust pretty much drowns out any other noises, but ride comfort is much much better than it was before my upgrades. went from stock springs, worn out isolators, and stock lca's to mods in signature. i've got the sensatrac shocks on there, but i dont know how they compare to OEM's. id recommend aftermarket suspension for sure, much easier to regain control once the back end slips out, and it does that a lot less now. we've got a lot of potholes and such in our town, and they really don't bother me that much (except for the huge ones which would be uncomfortable in a truck as well)

my input, hope it helps your decision
I have a set of Maximum Motorsports adjustable LCAs, not the drag race just the regular ones. They have a 3 piece bushing on the chassis end of the control arm and a spherical bushing on the axle end. I have not noticed any increase in road noise after installing them. They do help the car hook up a lot better. A little pricey but the quality is #1.

I believe that the Pro3i LCAs are MM knockoffs but I can't be sure.